Here one can find various useful utilities that can make playing Shadowrun a little easier. Most of these utilities make use of Apple Computer's Cocoa technologies, but there are others that do not. Apple's Cocoa runs on Mac OS X.

Files to Download

In general, all the software that requires Cocoa technologies will have a yellow background. All software requiring Java only will have a pink background, and all software which is C source code will have an orange background. General text files, Postscript documents, and any others will have the default page background color.

Unless otherwise noted, all files have been compressed using gnutar and gzip. Each entry shows the version (and byte count) of the compressed file.


The SRDiceRoller application is a general utility that can be used until a true Arena application is created. Its basic function is to replace the need for dice during game play. It can roll skills and initiative. It keeps track of pools, including karma used for rerolling failures. Starting with version 2.0 condition monitors are built-in.

Version 2.1 offers the ability to control whether at least one success is needed for re-rolling failures, the ability to alter the level of a skill after it has been created, and a correction to a problem that occurs when cloning takes place. It is available in English, French and Dutch.


The ConditionMonitor application allows you to keep track of condition monitors for any number of characters grouped in files which can be saved between gaming sessions.

Mac OS X SHA1 signtaure
SRDiceRoller v2.1 (331090) 25a2512f4564b860b00951f38f679e5fcb1df231
ConditionMonitor v1.00 (32879) a3f6c06cf542f8082fc823bc2cc09c71f1d93971

Target Number

The target number program, called tn, is used to indicate the percentage chance that the specified target number can be generated on at least a specified number of an equal or larger specified number of dice. Therefore, one can determine something like the chance that at least 3 dice will succeed with TN 7 on 6 dice (6.22857%). There is also a PDF document that contains a table of various target numbers and chances that they can be achieved with various dice quantities. There is also a PDF document that contains tables of numbers of successes and the chances to get them with specific numbers of dice compared to various target numbers. Note that these files are not compressed.

All Platforms
tn.c v1.0 (2356) v1.0
TargetNumberTable.pdf v1.0 (110772)
TargetNumberSuccessesTable.pdf v1.0 (107954)

Please email Scott Harrison if you have any comments. Of course, as totally unsupported software, you are not guaranteed any response. Enjoy.

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