We decided to take advantage of Iceland Air's last week of Midweek Madness for the Spring of 1998. We took off on Monday evening, arrived in Reykjavik on Tuesday morning, and spent a fun-filled time in Iceland until taking off Thursday afternoon for home.

After arriving at the wee hours of the morning, having a bite to eat and napping for an hour, we decided to ride the famous Icelandic ponies. This is a picture of Laurie and Scott with their Icelandic ponies in the middle of the barren Icelandic countryside.

During one of the many tours we were able to get out and hike into a crater which has a frozen collection of water in it.

The English word geyser comes from Icelandic. Here we went to Geysir and are about to see a geyser erupt. When it does, you can see it block the sun.

This is a picture of the capital Reykjavik as seen from the highest point in Reykjavik.