For Christmas and New Year's we decided to make use of frequent flier miles on TWA and flew from New York's JFK into Madrid and from Barcelona back to JFK. Our intention was to vacation in Morocco where we would meet up with Scott's cousin Christopher and his wife Caroline. However, TWA does not fly to Morocco. That is how we got to Spain.

We did a little sightseeing while in Madrid and found this nice church while wandering around one day. We rented a car in Madrid and drove it south towards Algeciras where we would catch a ferry to Morocco (after turning in the car). On the way through the mountains of Andalusia we ecountered many donkeys. Leaving the port of Algeciras one sees Gibraltar across the harbor.

After we returned from Morocco, we rented another car and drove up the Eastern coast towards Valencia and Barcelona. Here is a picture of Laurie in Barcelona. One of the most famous things in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia which is a church designed by Gaudi but not completely construcuted.