Born: December 1991
Current Weigth: 10 pounds

Macavity was rescued from the Anne Arundel County shelter in the early spring of 1992. She is a domestic short hair (DSH) who is entirely grey except for a small bit of white on her chest and a smaller bit on her lower abdomen. Some people think she looks a little Siamese at times. She was rescued on a Saturday, the day after we rescued her litter-sister Mithril. The two have been together ever since.

Here is a pictire of Macavity with dad on the deck. And here is Macavity with a beautiful shot with nice lighting. And here the mischievous Macavity is about to steal Mayhen's bone. And here Mithril and Macavity are both lounging on the table with Macavity in the foreground.