For those of you who use Eidolon Software's PopOver 2 mail application, I have created some plugins that may be of interest.

Mac OS X (PPC) OPENSTEP 4.2 (Tri-fat) Windows (WO 4)
Custom Headers v1.05 (13651) v1.05 (32609) v1.05 (16122)
Pigeon Hole v0.85 (18354) v0.85 (43634) v0.85 (20890)

All files have been compressed using gnutar and gzip. Each entry shows the version (and byte count) of the compressed file.


Each of these plugins contains a Resources folder that contains a "read me" file in rich text format which explains how to use the plugin. However, for those interested in reading the documentation online, here is the data.

Custom Headers
Pigeon Hole

Please email Scott Harrison if you have any comments. Of course, as totally unsupported software, you are not guaranteed any response. Enjoy.