The Main Event...

But of course, the main event. Nevermind that we went to the zoo and nearly were late to the ceremony as we found all kinds of fascinating sights (and liquor distributors) along the way. Credit Amy for recognizing the Cahokian Indian Mounds as not being a natural formation -- our accomplished environmental professional -- Ben would be proud!

Eleni: before... and after.

Eleni was a beautiful glowing bride. The service was lovely, and Chrispy & Maria shed a few tears. It was a small service, highlighted by the melodious harmonies of Brian's nieces on the flute. Eleni's sister, Maria, was the matron of honor and performed her duties admirably, down to giving away the key to Eleni and Brian's suite. (Sort of.)

Thanks to James, the Limo driver, for...well, you know what.