The Kiss...

The reception was truly lovely. The music was a special CD created by a dear friend of the happy couple. Eleni's mom labored over the beautiful favors, blending a Greek tradition of candy coated almonds (symbolizing both the sweetness and bitterness of marriage) with a delicate lacy bouquet. Chrispy mastered the art of firing the almonds across the room, much to Dave's dismay.

Seems, though, that we needed to encourage the couple to be a bit more affectionate. We overheard Brian saying that the louder we clinked our glasses, the more passionately he would kiss Eleni. Well, that was throwing down the gauntlet, now wasn't it. We even encouraged Eleni's relatives to join in the mischief with this result.....

Here's to the usual!

He didn't even drop her, which impressed all of us. Eleni's sister gave us the decoy room to decorate, and we slipped out of the reception to make a suitably festive "wedding night" room. Of course, the decorations were censored prior to the happy couple entering the room, but you can't say we didn't try. (Maria paid Eleni & Brian back by decorating Brian's car when she visited them in California. Still finding confetti, kids? Imagine, there's six more of us to visit! Heh heh.)