What's next?

So, all in all, it was a great weekend celebrating a happy event for Eleni, and catching up with our dearest friends. Skirk & Cozz got tattoos at the zoo, Suey got to see a flock of snow egrets and was inspired to tour the bird exhibit with Lisa & Scott at the zoo. Lisa had to see the primates before we could get to the wedding (evidence of devolution? Hmmmm....), Ande & Keith took a romantic ride along the muddy Mississippi. Chrispy & Dave had a weekend without their baby (wink wink, nudge nudge), and special thanks to Amy & Stephen for volunteering their room for the late night White Castle binge. (The binge was inspired by Laurie who wanted to remind Scott that if he were there, he could have had White Castles all night, all weekend!)

An omen? Will it be a wedding or baby shower next?

Well, who knows when we'll all be together again. It's so cool that we can be as good friends as we are despite the miles, our different and interesting lives, and the crazy, crazy schedules that all entails.

It was great fun seeing everyone... thanks to Eleni and Brian for providing a special occasion for us to reconvene. Best wishes to both of you, and (everybody now, in your best Eleni voice....) "We love you guys!"

Thanks for hanging with us virtually...come again soon!