This page describes the features on this web site that seem to cause browsers problems. This web site uses HTML and CSS level 2 only in its page generation. There are a couple of Java applets that will be loaded on specific pages, a variety of things to download, and some Quicktime that can play. However, none of this really matters when it comes to browsers not being able to support CSS level 2. Note as a side issue that these pages are UTF-8 and there are small solid downward-pointing arrows at the ends of the menu items with submenus. Many browsers cannot handle displaying this, but that should not affect navigation.

As of the time of this writing (indicated in the bottom left corner of the web page) the browsers that best can handle this site are:

Note that Omniweb and Safari make use of the same rendering code so should probably be able to handle the same sites in the same manner. There is a problem with these two browsers as they do not handle min-width with elements that are position: fixed. This is evident in the menu bar at the top of the page and the footer at the bottom. When the window is made thinner you will see the menu items be forced down off the menu bar, and you will see the copyright notice disappear. Opera also fails in the same manner, though whether it uses the same rendering code is not known to me.

Other problems seen with browsers include:

The lack of handling submenus renders navigation impossible. This happens in the following browsers (not an exhaustive list):