Born: February 10, 1996
Current Weight: 37 pounds

Mayhem's mother is a Norwegian Elkhound. Her father is not known but assumed to be a German Shepherd mix. Mayhem was born in the Howard County Animal Control Facility in Columbia, Maryland.

Mayhem is a very intelligent and michievous dog. To channel her intelligence and energy, she has been taught to do many useful things. In her repertoire she has:

She performs many tricks to get treats as well.

This is a picture of Mayhem when she was 9 weeks old performing the very first trick she learned: Sit. She is sitting outside of our old condominium in Ellicott City, Maryland. Close by the condominium is a little pond where she can be seen with a family friend Steve Bleezarde. And as a good American dog by birth she is brought to Washington D.C. to learn all about government. After her lessons, she is ready to take over.

Mayhem has moved to Virginia and is seen here on the path by the pond behind the townhouse. And when not rolicking about outside, she can often times be found on her perch.