SMH - Simply Magical Healer World of Warcraft AddOn

Options - Healing

Heals indicates who can be healed.

The priority Party over raid means that the caster's party members have priority over other raid members.

The priority Classes over party means that classes that have high priority are given priority over members of the caster's party. Normally they just have higher priority than normal raid members.

The priority Raid Group Priority pets same as members means that any raid groups that have priority also have the pets in those raid groups have the same higher priority.

Limit to health before healing is used to configure when healing can be used against a non-pet. The recipient must have a health percentage lower than indicated here for a heal to be attempted.

Limit to health before pet healing is the same as the preference above except it is used for pets.

Limit to health before self priority is used to determine when the caster is placed high in the priority list. When the caster's health falls below this percentage the caster is placed high on the heal list. However, the target will still have a higher priority.

Possible healing to use in comparisons is used because most healing spells have a range of possible healing values. If this setting is at 50% then the middle of the range is used in health comparisons. If 100% is used, the maximum possible health the healing spell can do is used. This can be used to influence overhealing and underhealing, or even a limited form of representing criticals likely to be performed over time.

Does not heal characters lower than level means characters that are lower in level than indicated will not be healed.

Confidence indicates the percentage of the healing that is done by other users of this addon in the caster's group to be considered when determining who needs to be healed. This value is added to the recipient's current health when determining what needs to be cast if anything. At 100% this means all other heal values are included, and at 0% none are used.