SMH - Simply Magical Healer World of Warcraft AddOn

Options - Healing

There are three ways to configure overhealing, two of which are here. The third is on the Healing tab. Overhealing depends on the recipient being damaged to an extent that means healing should occur. If the recipient is not damaged, no healing will be done on them, and therefore, overhealing does not apply.

Overhealing Spell Ranks indicate the number of ranks to add to a spell once the truly desired rank is determined. So, if the addon determines that Healing Touch 3 is needed, and the overhealing rank for Healing Touch is 1, the addon will cast Healing Touch 4 instead (assuming enough mana, etc.)

Class Target Health Percentages control the actual health values used in the addon to determine what rank heals to cast. They are set on a per class basis, and when at 100% use the recipient's actual maximum health as the comparison value. If set higher than 100% then a higher percentage of the true maximum health is used. This will cause overhealing to happen and can help when the recipient is being damaged over the time it takes to cast the heal. Of course setting the value to less than 100% targets that percentage of the recipient's health and is underhealing.