SMH - Simply Magical Healer World of Warcraft AddOn

Options - Healing

The Algorithm defines how the addon picks the spell to use for the recipient. It uses a spell based on the percentage of health remaining with the recipient. If there is no spell determined from the algorithm or for some reason that spell cannot be cast on the recipient the addon chooses the first possible spell from the default spell list. Note that the Priest spell Desperate Prayer is special in that if the recipient is not the caster the next spell below it in the algorithm is chosen.

Algorithm falls through means that if the spell selected from the algorithm cannot be cast for some reason the next spell in the algorithm will be chosen, until there are no spells left in the algorithm, and then the default mechanism is used.

The Default spells appear on the right side of the page and are used as a fallback mechanism when the algorithm fails to find a spell to cast. They are searched in top-down order, and the first found that can be cast is used. They can be reordered using the arrow buttons.

The Cast checkboxes indicate whether the associated default spell can be cast. If it is not checked, that spell will not be cast from the default list but can still be cast if placed in the algorithm.