SMH - Simply Magical Healer World of Warcraft AddOn

How can I make use of profiles?

Profiles are meant to be used to easily switch roles that you have as a healer. For example, you may have a profile that is used when you are healing the main tank in Molten Core. Another profile could be used to heal raid groups 7 and 8 because they are ranged DPS.

What I do is create profiles for the different roles that I have been assigned. I then limit the profiles that I can easily select by setting the Appears check box for each desired profile on the profiles options page. When more than one profile is marked to appear the profile window appears. This window allows you to switch between your profiles quickly (while in the middle of battle) so you can adjust your healing style based on the group's needs. I have about six or seven different profiles, but usually only have two or three showing in the profile window in a raid.

How can I limit SMH to only cast Healing Touch?

So, you like the way SMH picks the recipient to heal, and the proper rank of the spell but you want to limit it to only select one spell? There are two general ways to do this:

1) You can make SMH work with only a specific spell by using a command like /smh ht which will do everything normally with the current profile, but limit the spell to Healing Touch. Each of the spells SMH supports has its own command which you can see when you get help with the /smh help command.

2) You can make the algorithm that is used in a profile only use Healing Touch by removing all the spells in the algorithm and relying on the default spell selection. Also, you need to ensure the default spells do not cast Regrowth or Rejuvenation. This is the easiest way to ensure only Healing Touch is cast.

HowTo - Healing Touch Only

Of course the techniques described above will work with any of the spells SMH supports.

Note that the Priest spells Heal and Greater Heal are combined into one spell in SMH called (Greater) Heal because logically they are really the same spell with regard to cast time and healing pattern. However, one difference between them is a benefit given to casting Greater Heal when wearing a complete set of Transcendence armor. In this case casting a Heal would not necessarily be best, and you would want to ensure you always cast Greater Heal. To do this you need to raise the rank of the (Greater) Heal spell and you can see how to do that in the next question.

How can I limit SMH to only cast Healing Touch Rank 4?

So, you have so much +healing and the proper talents to reduce the casting time of Healing Touch that you want a mana-efficient spell that casts pretty quickly while making use of most of your +healing? You need to limit SMH to only cast Healing Touch (as described above) and then you need to both raise the minimum rank and limit the maximum rank:

1) On the ranks page make the Maximum Healing Spell Ranks for Healing Touch be 4.

2) On the same ranks page make the Minimum (Raised) for Healing Touch be 4.

HowTo - Healing Touch Ranks

This should make it so you always cast Healing Touch Rank 4 whether the recipient needs more or less healing.

If you are interested in casting at least a Rank 4 Healing Touch and do not mind casting a higher rank, just put the Maximum at its highest limit. If you do not mind casting a lower rank but never want to cast more than rank 4, put the Minimum (Raised) down to 1.

Of course this applies to all ranks of spells that SMH supports.